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Jeff Shepherd, in conjunction with MyMusicCollege.com, offers guitar instruction specific to your goals in Denton, Texas  76210.



Jeff Shepherd

Jeff Shepherd-Guitar InstructorJeff Shepherd offers guitar programs for children, teens, or adults of all ages.

Jeff offers In Studio Lessons and Live Online Lessons via Video Chat.


I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

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For more information call 940-231-1322 or email me at

YOU Have Arrived

Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar?  Do you want to improve your skills?  Music is one of our richest gifts in this life.  You are here, reading this because you either have interest in music for yourself or for someone else, such as your child.

In addition, you have a need for guitar instruction on some level.  And all people have two most important needs when deciding how they are going to study music.  The first is the
program of instruction which must ensure you reach your goals.  The second is schedule.  If you find a great program, designed and administered by a great teacher and this program fits into your schedule, you will succeed and enjoy learning.

Guitar Lesson TestimonialsSee what others are saying about Jeff!  Click HERE!


   Average                                                Great
     Stuck                                        Always Improving 
 Frustrated                                            Fulfilled


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